Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pounds up and pounds down...

How is it that a body can register a 6 pound gain or loss in a sinle day?  Luckily I only consider my weight first thing in the morning.  Yes its the lowest weight, but hey...who says I can't have my cake and eat it too?  (figuratively speaking)

My current struggles...eating less.  I'm not hunry, but having a more steady normal lifestyle with my hubby home and kids around and summer has left me munching on things I shouldn't be munching on.  And that means I've gotten stuck pretty frequently lately...and thats no bueno.  Mostly because I hate bein stuck.  Its yuck.

So...that bein said...I've been workin on remembering the rules...again....*sigh*  It really is a life long process for me.

1.  tiny pea sized bites of meat FIRST.
2.  20g protein each meal minimum
3.  Veggies next.
4.  Stay away from the carbs...

And the hardest one for me right now...

....Don't drink your calories.  Boo!  I wish that wasn't a rule.  C'e la vie....it is...so life goes on...without me drinking my calories.