My Story

The first time I remember being distinctly aware of my weight was in 6th grade.  It wasn't a negative experience it was simply that someone said something that made me realize that I wasn't super thin like my best friends.

Then over the summer I spent all my change on candy bars at the little gas station up the street from my house.   When I returned to seventh grade and the first day of school I thought I looked amazing in my yellow chevron print skirt, a yellow blouse and white fake pearls (remember this is the 80's).  My friend made the comment, "Wow.  You put on a lot of weight over the summer."

I was devastated.  I'd grown up a lot over that summer and now weight WAS something I was very aware of.  I think it just all went downhill from there.  By highschool I was a pretty standard size 14 and in college I was at a 16 and 20 years later I'm sporting a size 22/24.

I've always been active and liked to get out and do things.  I like sports, I like camping and the outdoors...and yet my weight continued to climb over the years.

I tried Jenny Craig once, but it was ridiculously expensive and I felt bad having my parents pay so much for the food so I failed miserably at that. 

I've done a myriad of other diets that I was sure would work.  My favorite was Body for Life.  I actually lost quite a bit of weight with that...nearly 50 pounds, but it was short lived and I ended up gaining it all back plus a few extra.

Over the years I continued to lose that same 50 pounds over and over again only to gain it all back eventually. 

Despite my weight I've always managed to "feel good and be healthy."  Because I liked being active it never seemed like I needed to make drastic changes to fix my body.

In 2000 I was told I was "prediabetic."  I don't know if I really understood what that meant.

In 2008 I had gestational diabetes with my first child.

in 2012 I had gestational diabetes with my second child.

10 months later in February 2013 I realized my body no longer felt good.  I felt tired and sick...and after going to see my doctor was told I had Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

After a good cry and lamenting "how did I let it get this far..." I realized it was time to take charge of my weight and stop making excuses and choose health and a long life. 

So, I started the lapband process in March 2013 with the first informational seminar and was lapbanded on April 24, 2013. 

My goal isn't to be super skinny...its to be super healthy.  I want that for myself and my kids and my life.

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