Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back to the Beginning

I recently had a long conversation with a good friend about why I chose to have the lapband surgery.  It's was the best thing that could have happened to me right now.  I've been struggling with staying on track.

If you are having the same trouble just tell someone why you chose this surgery.  Take yourself back to the beginning when your body always hurt, you couldn't walk far without gasping for air, you couldn't tie your shoes without taking a break.  Running down the beach was a distant dream, playing with your kids was a chore...you were sad, felt miserable and sick, hated doctor appointments and clothes shopping, hated photos...

My list could go on for miles.

And then take a look at where you are now.  

All of a sudden the things that were jacking up my dedication are sooo unimportant.  All of a sudden the reasons for my current trouble feel petty and unimportant compared to where I am going to be when I finally reach my goal.  It was a lightbulb moment when I realized there is nothing that will feel as good as getting off these last 50 pounds.

I needed this reminder.  I needed this pat on my back.  I needed to hear the longing in someone else to get to where I am right now.  I needed to remember WHY I did this in the first place.  So I've opened a can of whoopass on my bad habits that have crept back in and it feels GOOD.

I'm rejuvenated.

Try it.  If there is no one else...tell me why.  I want to hear it.  I want to keep reminding myself.

PS...I owe my 1 year photos on this blog.  They are coming soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1-Year Physical

Its not often you walk out of a doctor visit feeling like you want to sing and dance.  Today was my 1-year doctor physical.  My 1-year surgery date is on the 24th, but I met with my current substitute doctor today.  (Normal doctor is deployed in Afghanistan currently)


First, when I stepped on the scale, the nurse gave me a look and said..."You're in the 190's?  I never would have guessed that!  Girl, you are looking GOOD!"

Damn right!

Then doctor gives me my latest lab report numbers...

Cholesterol 115
BP 115/79
RHR 71

I need more folate, iron and vitamin D.

And...my diabetic A1C is FIVE POINT EIGHT.  5.8. 

I am BELOW the smiley face range!

Which means my level would be in this range...

Or if you prefer it more serious...I'm normal. 

Substitute doc called me a success story.  She congratulated me on being one of the "few" who succeed with lapband.  She asked me what I would call my secret to success was.  I told her I just followed the rules.  She laughed and told me that was actually a pretty powerful insight...and that it wasn't often they found people who followed the rules.

So...there you have it.  I'm on cloud 9 today with all the NSVs that happened and best of all...I'm down to yearly doctor appts unless I need a fill.

Life is good....

Monday, April 21, 2014

Do it.

I'm putting this out there for accountability.  I'm not eating right.  I'm not exercising like I need to.  I'm choosing slider foods.  I'm way too relaxed in making sure I get the right amount of proteins/carbs/vitamins.

Result...I will gain back weight and not be able to go off my Diabetes medications if I don't make the necessary changes and get back on track.


Said it.

Now to do it.  Ryan will help me.  He's good inspiration.  :D

Monday, April 14, 2014

Food Glorious Food!

If you grew up the way I did you were allowed to watch very little TV and mostly survived on Saturday morning cartoons, Little House on the Prarie, Jaques Cousteaux and the Sunday night Disney movie.  That being said...if there is a musical out there that I haven't seen I'd be surprised.

Our house thrived on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Oklahoma, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Hello Dolly and, of course, Oliver.

Poor little hungry Oliver.

And its often that I get that song stuck in my head...Food, Glorious Food!

Food, Glorious food!
We're anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day --
Our favourite diet!

Just picture a great big steak --
Fried, roasted or stewed.
Oh, food,
Wonderful food,
Marvellous food,
Glorious food.
So, I hate to admit it, but I've been a little complacent in my eating and exercise lately.  That combined with a call from my doctor that my folic acid levels are low meant I needed to get back on track with both...but seriously...doing it all at once is pretty near impossible for me.  This learning curve of staying on track is not my thing. 

But...I did start with meal plans.  I've found that if I don't preplan my meals we end up eating fast food or crappy food that I can barely eat any of.  I'm still quite restricted.  Very little breads, zero pasta, only a cracker or two.  I stay away from rice and potatoes other than a spoonful or two.

Its pretty pitiful when I throw together a fast food meal (either from takeout or from the freezer) and I cook up things that I simply can't eat.

The bad part is that my body doesn't really get hungry much anymore...so instead of making a healthy contribution I just end up skipping food altogether or getting sick off of trying to force myself to eat something that I shouldn't.


Again...here is that lifestyle eating learning curve I still struggle with even after a year of being banded.

But for the last 2 weeks I had a meal plan.  Every night I knew exactly what we'd be making for dinner.  I LOVED IT.  So easy.  I shopped for what I needed in advance and each meal was planned around things that were thumbs up additions to my diet as well as food my kids will eat and healthy portions for my hubby.

Plus one of the biggest benefits I've found is my non-veggie liking kids are getting WAY more veggies that ever before.  I hide it in EVERYTHING...meatballs, meatloaf, hamburger, sauces, etc.

Never going back to the days of fast food frenzy. 

Plus, I found that my recipes almost always had leftovers which I froze for this nights when everyone is busy.  Yay!

So tonight I'm making shrimp and tortellini with onions and zucchini.  YUM. 

 Please sir, may I have some more?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fat Tuesday Weigh In

April 24, 2013 - Start 264.4
Last weigh-in: 197.2
This week 194.2

Yay for the scale still going down!

I went back to the boob doctor today.  He made me cry.  I'm not sure if it was my crazy emotional hormonal  week, my personal body issues or his blunt bedside manner that set me off, but after him saying that if I followed insurance requirements I'd look lopsided, out of proportion and weird and that I'd be unhappy with the results I left frustrated angry and in tears.

So it's off the table right now.  I'll deal with the back pain and rashes through the summer...drop more weight and revisit this fall with a DIFFERENT doctor.  Besides, this guy looks like Doc from Back to the Future...it's kind of creepy.

In three weeks I'll have been banded 1 year.  How crazy is that!  It feels unreal that's it's been a whole year...and at the same time I feel like I've been doing this forever.  As predicted my tummy is the last to go.  

I think it's got to be the big guy upstairs teaching me patience.  

On a happier note...I made my mock Wendy's chili for dinner last night and my family ate it up!  Love that they loved it!  Feels good to be cooking healthy again.  Did I mention there was probably 12 sticks of butter used the week we were at the beach in our meals?  Lets just say there was no fat spared.  

Tonight I'm grilling brats and serving it with rice and green beans...ok...so not ALL healthy cooking.  ;)