Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1-Year Physical

Its not often you walk out of a doctor visit feeling like you want to sing and dance.  Today was my 1-year doctor physical.  My 1-year surgery date is on the 24th, but I met with my current substitute doctor today.  (Normal doctor is deployed in Afghanistan currently)


First, when I stepped on the scale, the nurse gave me a look and said..."You're in the 190's?  I never would have guessed that!  Girl, you are looking GOOD!"

Damn right!

Then doctor gives me my latest lab report numbers...

Cholesterol 115
BP 115/79
RHR 71

I need more folate, iron and vitamin D.

And...my diabetic A1C is FIVE POINT EIGHT.  5.8. 

I am BELOW the smiley face range!

Which means my level would be in this range...

Or if you prefer it more serious...I'm normal. 

Substitute doc called me a success story.  She congratulated me on being one of the "few" who succeed with lapband.  She asked me what I would call my secret to success was.  I told her I just followed the rules.  She laughed and told me that was actually a pretty powerful insight...and that it wasn't often they found people who followed the rules.

So...there you have it.  I'm on cloud 9 today with all the NSVs that happened and best of all...I'm down to yearly doctor appts unless I need a fill.

Life is good....


  1. Life is more than good! Congratulations!!!!

  2. I'm late to the party, I know. This week has been crazy, but I am SO THRILLED for you!! This is just awesome.

    Is it just me or is there a lot of negativity out there in the general public about lap band lately? Are we "unusual" because we've had great success?? I blame Chris Christie's non-weight losing self. :)