Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fat Tuesday Weigh In

April 24, 2013 - Start 264.4
Last weigh-in: 197.2
This week 194.2

Yay for the scale still going down!

I went back to the boob doctor today.  He made me cry.  I'm not sure if it was my crazy emotional hormonal  week, my personal body issues or his blunt bedside manner that set me off, but after him saying that if I followed insurance requirements I'd look lopsided, out of proportion and weird and that I'd be unhappy with the results I left frustrated angry and in tears.

So it's off the table right now.  I'll deal with the back pain and rashes through the summer...drop more weight and revisit this fall with a DIFFERENT doctor.  Besides, this guy looks like Doc from Back to the Future...it's kind of creepy.

In three weeks I'll have been banded 1 year.  How crazy is that!  It feels unreal that's it's been a whole year...and at the same time I feel like I've been doing this forever.  As predicted my tummy is the last to go.  

I think it's got to be the big guy upstairs teaching me patience.  

On a happier note...I made my mock Wendy's chili for dinner last night and my family ate it up!  Love that they loved it!  Feels good to be cooking healthy again.  Did I mention there was probably 12 sticks of butter used the week we were at the beach in our meals?  Lets just say there was no fat spared.  

Tonight I'm grilling brats and serving it with rice and green beans...ok...so not ALL healthy cooking.  ;)


  1. Oh man...you need to jump in your Delorean and get the hell away from his crazy Back to the Future lookin' ass. How rude!! I'm so sorry you had that experience. I know you know this already, but my reduction surgery was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Don't give up the fight...it's so worth it.

    Yea!! 3 weeks away from a year! I know what you're saying about it seeming unreal. My 1 year will be on June 7th and it doesn't even seem possible.

  2. I'm sorry he was such a jerk, but glad you are not going to work with a doctor you are so uncomfortable with! And I also know how weird it is how the time has flown - I also can't believe on the one hand it is almost a year, on the other hand it seems SO LONG AGO I had surgery!

    Oh wait...and congratulations on the weight loss - how could I forget that! Woot!!

  3. You are rocking the WL GIRL! Congrats. and Congrat on the healthy dinners for the family.. Ive been surprised the healthy choices I can put in front of mine and get eaten.. We still have crap in the house too but at leaast we eating more heathly meals now in addiion to the crap..lol