Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back from v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n.


We take lots of vacation when DH gets home from deployment...this time we headed home to Oregon and spent a week at the beach.

On the weight loss side I am pleased that initial scale check shows a loss!  But more on that on the next Fat Tuesday.

On the fun side of things...I had SO MUCH FUN.

Just a few photos...

My kids playing on the beach.  I ran like a crazy lady with that kite.  We never did get it to work well that day, but I got my exercise in trying!

Love him.  <3

Windy day..hangin' out with Grandpa and his dog...jumpin waves....the usual.  ;)

Cold today...but sunny.  Fun to just go for a long walk.

Bonfires on the beach....

Just happy.

Like I said too much fun.  


  1. Yay! You're back! You're back! Can you tell that you've been missed? :)

    I LOVE seeing these pictures of your fam. Your kids are BEYOND adorable. I cannot think of a more perfect place to spend time together. I've only been to Oregon once, but it was breathtakingly beautiful.

    And yes...chasing your kiddos up and down that beach totally counts as exercise. :)

    And finally...the adoration is SO mutual. :) You rock.

    1. Heck yes it counts as exercise. I also took 3 morning runs on the beach. Never in my life did I think running on the beach would be my thing. :)

  2. What beautiful family photos! I love them :)

    I never thought of Oregon as a place that someone vacations lol. Learn something new every day. My geography sucks too, since I didn't realize Oregon had beaches.

    1. Ha ha. Its not warm...thats why its not normally a "vacation" destination...but its home for us so we love to go there. :)