Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday 5

Mondays are stinky. 


Its just hard for me to be enthusiastic and so today I need to do a top 5 fun things.  It will improve my mood and make today bearable...

1.  Club XYZ - a small gay bar/dance club in Knoxville that I spent an evening in this weekend.  Not only did I get to watch a fabulous drag show, but I boogied until the wee hours of the morning and remembered how much I love to dance.

2.  This coffee cup that I must have for mother's day.  I laughed and laughed.  It so fits how I feel about motherhood.

3.  Kind hearts.  I had a math teacher in highschool that I found dry and boring.  I'll bet he had an awesome secret life...It would be cool to go back and meet those dry boring teachers as an adult some day to find out who they really are...

Click here to read about this guy's big heart.  And yes...this totally made me cry.

4.  The book I'm reading.  The Quest by Nelson DeMille.  I love almost all his stuff and this one is no exception.  Its a good read.  I want to spend the rest of my day in my bed and finish it. 

5.  This photographer who makes lemonade out of lemons with potholes.  Interesting, unique...I love the Alice in Wonderland take.

Ok...feeling I guess I better work...


  1. I disagree...... school SHOULD be fun. Kids should WANT to learn! but...that was terribly sweet.

  2. Oh my god you look like a teenager in that photo! So young and so happy!

    I wish I could have gone dancing with you! There is a club here in Little Rock called Discovery that sounds JUST like the one you described.'s been years since I've been there. Good times. Glad you and the hubs are having fun!