Progress Pictures

January 2014 - 9 months post surgery.  66 pounds

October 2013 - 6 months post surgery.  50 pounds

July 2013 - 3 months post lapband surgery.  36 pounds lost

April 2013
264 pounds
Before Photos

Surgery Day!  No makeup, no hair goop, no fingernail polish, Just me and my hospital gown.

My first appointment when I met with my surgeon.  About 1 month pre-op.  Camera angles sure do make a difference in double chins.

I've always loved before pictures.  No other place do you look for the most unflattering of poses, looks and styles to show how awful you truly looked "before."   Mine seem to fit that well.  This first shot kills me.  That blue top just accentuates the tummy rolls.  **shaking my head** 

July 2007
284 Pounds

Highest weight ever recorded by me.  My face is so chunky...even just the 20 pounds between this and my before photos shows a significant change in my face!

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