Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Due for an Update!

Welllll...I really have no excuses.  I got the good news about being taken off insulin and I disappeared into happyland for a couple of months...

But I'm back...

And you are all due an update...

And what better day to update than the day I got my surgeon back from deployment?!

YAY...doc is back from Kosovo and I couldn't be happier.  He was all smiles and proud of me today...I felt awesome.  He gave me big pats on the back and lots of great compliments and it was great to get that reaction from him after 6 months deployed.

And even better...I got new labwork done and 2 months after being taken off all meds for cholesterol and diabetes...My bloodsugars are in the NORMAL range.  Better than they were when I was ON the meds.  And my cholesterol hasn't budged which is awesome because its good right now. 


I'm weighing in at 191 today.  I've got 51 pounds to lose in the next year.  Doc did give me a dose of reality...he said that its likely the lapband is done with being the catalyst and these last 50 lbs are going to be good choices, willpower and exercise.  I can do it. 

I've gotten back to zumba 2x week and I work out at home 3x week on my treadmill and with weights.  Except today.  I've got some serious shin splints impeding me from walking normally right now let alone running.  So, I'm taking it slow...I'll take a walk tonight when it cools down.'s a problem I have that I cardio fitness is doing so well right now that unless I'm walking and keeping my heartrate under 120 I'm not in the fat burn zone.  which is making that whole keep losing weight thing I realized that my zumba is awesome, but I have to slow it down the other three days to actually burn the fat so I can keep dropping the pounds.

I'm definitely in the green zone still.  I haven't needed any saline fills since January.  I can eat at least a little of pretty much anything...bread is hard...I can max about 1 piece/day...same with pasta, but its made meals a little easier because I can now have at least a little.  So for example...last night I had a halibut fish taco..cooked up the fish...added some cheese, lettuce and tomato...ate it in one of those little mini tortillas and it was the perfect size. 

Makes me think back to the days I could have EASILY consumed 5 of those in one sitting...I'm constantly amazed at how little food I actually  need to keep my body working healthy and happy.

Now for the fast food nemesis is a taco bell gordita.  I love those things.  And I recently discovered I can eat one of them.  So...I guess you can say I'm at the stage of finally figuring out if I've learned anything from this long process that started with a lapband.  I can eat one...I don't have to eat 10 and I don't have to have them every day...or even every week.  I like feeling so much more control over my food addiction.  its refreshing.

Ok...update over...but I'll be back much more frequently now.  I need to keep up with this to keep up with my weight loss.  The accountability this blog and you, my friends, provide is what keeps me motivated! 

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  


  1. yay so glad to see a post from you and what an awesome DR APPT :) thats wonderful! and btw I wish I had NEVER tried Taco Bell again.. I just love it, I can stay away from ALL other Fast Food but dont let me pass a Taco

  2. So glad you're back and doing well! I always fear when bloggers go missing it's because they're gaining! That's why I refuse to go missing, even during this struggle I'm in.

    Keep going, work hard, you're going to kick that last 50# ass!

  3. Congrats on your continued success!! Great to read an update on your journey! It is inspiring.