Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 1 - 5 Day Pouch Test

Wow...this is hard.

Harder than I thought it would be.  Day 1 of the 5 day pouch test...its 7PM and I am H.U.N.G.R.Y.

And because my tummy won't stop rumbling from lack of carbohydrates this blog will be focusing on food because I'm obsessing about it right now. 

I've only managed 500 calories so far today out of my alotted 1200.  Plus, depending on your school of thought I zumba'ed so if you eat your exercise calories then I'm in a really big deficit of food right now.  I personally do not eat my exercise calories so it doesn't really count for me. 


I did not make my meal plan nor did I go to the commissary last night.  Instead I went this morning and winged it.  Ugh.  But, I think I'm in pretty good shape right now.

What I did discover is I'm bored with my normal protein shake.  Actually, part of the problem is that I don't like the taste of it much without being able to blend fruit into it...a carb no no for me today.  So, I went to the store and bought some Atkins shakes...I prefer the dark chocolate ones...Yum.

I am also trying a Pure Protein Shake...23g of protein in one of these.  I've never had one before...its whats for "second dinner" tonight. 

Overall I made it through the day, but I really did miss being able to eat solid food.  I've never lasted two days after a fill on full liquids...I'm terrible at cheating myself that way.  Day one of getting back on track!


  1. Those look/sound tasty! :) I'll have to check those out at the store.

  2. Doing just liquids is so hard. What do you get to eat tomorrow?