Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday Weigh in and Confession...!

April 24, 2013 - Start 264.4
Last weigh-in: 213.2
This week 211.8


Ok...confession.  Immediately following Halloween it was like a crazed chocolate fiend had been set loose in our house.  In fact, the damage was SO bad we now call it the Snickers Massacre of 2013.  It was like the Jimmy Kimmel "I ate all your Halloween candy" prank only it wasn't a prank!


It was tragic and the day after the "incident" I stepped on the scale at 217!!!  A FIVE pound overnight gain.

Horrified.  And humbled back to recognition of how easy it is to fall back into old habits.

So I am THRILLED that the next time I stepped on the scale (this morning) I had shed my layer of snickers fat and even dropped an extra pound.  

Phew.  That was a close call.

And...I know I've been absent for a bit...I'm just trying to survive the next few days before I leave to meet my main squeeze in Mexico!  So...if I'm absent again you can just know its because I'm salsa dancing my way around Cozumel!


  1. So glad you escaped a potential Snickers disaster! The Reece's pumpkins from hell were my nemesis this year but I'm over them now. Have a fabulous trip to Mexico! So glad you get some R&R with your hubby!!

  2. I am so happy you will be w your honey soon. ENJOY your trip and time together :)

  3. I hope you and the hubs have the absolute BEST time. Salsa dance to your heart's content! Talk to you very soon!