Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hoping I made the right choice

I got a fill this morning...a small one.  Just .5ccs bringing me to 6.5ccs in my band.  I waffled on if it was the right choice or not.  Mostly because I'm right in the middle of Green and Yellow zones.

So...I'm not hungry (green), but I can eat large portions if I want, I snack between meals, and I'm fighting hard for a lost pound.(yellow)

It's great that the band is adjustable...and I'm hoping this small fill will bump me into the perfect green zone space.

And on the other hand I'm hoping this wasn't an overfill because maybe I snack because of habit or head hunger or maybe I have too large a portion because of self control.  And that's not going to get fixed by a fill...that's all in my head...

My normal doc is deployed.  (Boo!  Hiss!). He left in January and thankfully it's only a 6 monther so he'll be back in June.  He also just happens to be the only doctor able to do lapband surgery.  The doc I saw today apparently can do a fill, but not surgery.  No clue how all that works, but whatever.  

So my experience with her was weird.  She kept hitting something hard on the port while she was trying to find the opening with the needle...and I could feel it made my teeth rattle.  Then when she sucked out the fluid to make sure there was no leaking it was the first time I'd been able to feel that happen.  Very strange sensation...and even worse when she put it all back in it took my breath away.  

I see her again at the end of March then I am hoping my doc is back to work before my next appt needs to take place.

Oh!  And I was back in ONEDERLAND this morning thanks to 9 hours of sleep.   198.6.  Woohoo!


  1. Be really careful with an inexperience person trying to access your port! We are pretty sure that is how my band/port/tubing got a leak. If you know where your port is (as I do very well), help to guide her.

    You know, I never experienced that sensation people talk about being unfilled before, until this last time. Perhaps it is because this was the first time I was ever laying down? All other adjustments were while I was standing and I feel nothing, and my PA takes all the fluid out each time.

  2. yay back in Onederland... I was in the same place before my last baby fill.. but the small amount seemed to help. hope it helps you too :)

  3. I am exactly where you were and totally understand what you've written here. I'm somewhere between yellow and green but I'm convinced it is head hunger due to boredom. When I keep busy, I'm totally green.

    I want to stay at my current level of fill because it is the right level for me (I had too much restriction in early January, forcing me to rely on slider foods which negated the fill-level) and I have to just SAY NO to the head hunger.

    I've set up a mini-goal: onederland by my bandiversary, which is March 20th. I'm currently at 210 so this is entirely reasonable and will help me stop giving in to the head hunger calling.

    Sorry your treating surgeon is out of the office and you had to go with someone who doesn't sound perfect. But as long as you get the result you are seeking, it should be fine.

  4. You are right around my weight now--time for me to get cracking or you are going to overtake me!!! :)

  5. I totally relate to this, too! I haven't had any fill added in a long time - I think I'm about 5.5. I can eat a LOT of food, and I'm not really losing, but then I know I could be doing more "on my own" to lose, like exercise more, or choose better foods in some cases. I think I'm also going to ask for more fill finally next month though - I'm ready to run the risk of having to unfill (which I've never had to do) to see what it might be like to actually have to eat a "bandster portion". Or if maybe I'm just someone who will never have that experience, without just using my own self discipline - it seems like Lap Band Gal for instance, as I understand it, talks like she just stops due to weighing/measuring at first, and these days habit - more than being "full" - she is "satisfied" but had to learn to stop. So I'm not sure if I eat too much because I've never re-learned that, if that makes any sense? Confusing....this band thing. ;-D Thanks for your honest post!