Monday, June 24, 2013

What in the bojiggly jiggly?

My mom called me the other day to tell me about a "NEW WEIGHTLOSS MACHINE THAT IS SIMPLY AMAZING!"

Adore my mom...and yes the all caps is necessary because she is a woman that gets quite excited about very funny things like this amazing weight loss machine.  One might call her an "alarmist", but I don't.  Nope...not me.

Like Y2K.  Remember that?  Yes, she was terrified that wild dogs would be running through the streets because of the end of the world.  And it took her forever to get a Facebook page because the internet will STEAL YOUR IDENTITY!

So...she tells me about this new machine her chiropractor has in his office...and she called it the jiggle jiggle machine.  I promise you this is a G rated post except I may have to move that to PG simply because she called it the jiggle jiggle machine and that just sounds wrong.

So the jiggle jiggle machine is something you stand on and then you just turn up the jiggling vibration to as high as you want it to go...its supposed to tone and firm muscle and help you burn calories.  Only 10-15 minutes per day is the claim and unbelievable health benefits...

But anywho...she tells me to find it (she always calls me to search the internet for her because I'm really good at that google thing.) because she wants to know how much it costs...

I found a few way out of any kind of intelligent human price range...and then...SHAZAM.  $250 bucks on Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Machine!  And its on sale and you know you want to click that link to find out more about the jiggle jiggle machine.  Plus its 87% off right now and you save $1,743.51.  Seriously.

It makes you want one...doesn't it?

And I couldn't help myself...I sent her the link and let her know now is her CHANCE to own her very own jiggle jiggle machine. 

I'm guessing my stepdad won't mind watching her exercise on that thing. 

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  1. Okay, the first time I read this, I about DIEd laughing. But your future posts are what really killed me . . .

    "I'm guessing my stepdad won't mind watching her exercise on that thing." <--seriously, girl, you need a job as a writer. Once we get all thin and hot, let's form a writer's group, k? TOO funny!!