Monday, June 3, 2013

Milestone! My first PB!

Hahaha...prepare to be grossed out.

So, I've been catching up in the lapband world trying to familiarize myself with the lingo.  I ran across the term PB early on.  

Dying to know what it stands for?

Productive Burp.

It's Definition in LB world is when you eat something that can't go down and it comes back up.  I know.  You are thinking that I should just call it throwing up, but wait!  There is more...because its not just the's the slime.

Yes, you read me correctly.  The slime.

Slime is the LB way to describe what happens before the PB.  It's foam and slime that comes up BEFORE the PB.

And yours truly has now experienced both those milestones.

The culprit?  Deli meat.  I didn't chew it enough.  

And yes, I learned my lesson and will forever more chew into mush.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh.. I hate PBing but sometimes you just have to.. and the slime...ohhhh THE SLIME!! How horrible!! I feel your pain! Hopefully you don't experience that anymore, but welcome to the dark side! lol