Thursday, May 30, 2013

For the first time...

Haters gonna hate, right?  All my life I've hated swimsuit shopping.  Hate.  I don't use that word lightly so you know I'm serious when I say I hate something.

Cute plus size swimsuits with support for big boobs...

Yeah...thats right...laugh away....basically what I'm saying is it doesn't exist.  Either you get form or function in a plus size suit. 

So, you can lounge around in a spandex covered underwire cinch girdle and be supported while you attenpt to frolick in the water...

Or all your girly bits and parts are flying and bouncing and jiggling and threatening to come out of that cute suit you found as you frolick in the water.


So its with awe that as summer is here I have begun to think about swimsuits again.  I'm going to suffer through this season with my awful old standby...but in November I am going to COZUMEL, MEXICO.

Yes.  Thats the hotel I'll be staying in and the water I'll be swimming in and the blue sky I'll be tanning under for a whole week!  Eeeeeeek!

If my goals are met (I'm on track!  6 pounds left for my June 9th goal!) Then I'll have lost 75 pounds by then and should be in a size 16ish???  I think?  I don't even really know...but that means CUTE SWIMSUITS!!!

So, I've put together a little show for you...

Swimsuits I won't be wearing...
 First...this white number is actually pretty cute in my opinion and it might work if I was less self concious about potential tummy issues and if there was just a tad more coverage on that bikini area.  Good little slip and you've just flashed the vajayjay to the entire beach.

As for this black little number...1.  My boobs would never stay in place.  2. Uhm...yeah...just so not me.  And I'd look ridiculous.  There would be lumps all over the place.

And now for swimsuits that I think are cute and who know...maybe I'll be sporting one???

 Adorable!  Coverage, but not overdone.  I love the ruffles and the way the halter top fits. 

 A monosuit thats still sexy!  Its got those cute places that look like cutouts, but even if they are the suit still covers enough that it wouldn't look like I was squishingout of it!

 Love love love this wide band brief and the cute top.  I also love that its got shoulder straps instead of a halter so the tatas aren't squashed.  Now to find it in a bright color. 

And a little retro cutie that makes a girl look like a pinup!  I've never dared wear horizontal stripes.  I may still not be ready for that, but this adorable suit might make me change my mind.

And the never again suit...

Thats more shorts to cover as much as possible and the poofy bloused swim top thats supposed to hide the tummy.  I'll never have to buy one of these again! 

I can't wait to see what I actually end up in!


  1. I found some SUPER sexy and flattering swimwear that I SWEAR by, but you have to pay a very pretty penny for it! I'll send you over some links . . . these bathing suits are SO gorgeous that a lot of buyers complain that they wish they could buy them, but they don't offer anything lower than a 16, so skinny girls are excluded! here's their store:

  2. First, I bought this suit:

    It is NOT for busty women (my boobs fell out of it) and it is NOT for girls with thick waist (note how the plus-sized model has a tiny waist?). It is more for heavy girls who carry their weigh in the butt and legs and want to EMPHASIZE their bust and cover their bum.

    I gave this away to a girl with a pear-shape. For my apple shape, I ended up liking a different suit . . .

  3. As you know, I put a ton of research into everything I do. Frustrated that I couldn't find a swim suit for top-heavy girls with ab issues, I researched the best swimsuits for "apply shape" bodies (heavy bust, heavy gut). Here's what I found:

    Note how the article recommends halter tops to draw the eye towards the bust and away from the gut? That proved to be the BEST. Advice. EVER. It really works--ALL of my swimsuits are halters now--halters make my gut look small for some reason!

    The best swimsuit I own now is this beauty:
    Which looks insanely good on me (and makes a focal point out of my decolletage--hang on to your husbands, ladies!)

    And I'm planning to buy these as well:

    I'm telling you, the suits on that site prove that we curvy gals ARE super sexy!

    Helpful tidbit: My friend who attended design school taught me how her industry is led by gay men whose ideas are stellar, but who subconsciously design outfits for their ideal body type (androgynous woman who resembles an adolescent boy), so you have to find stuf designed by a woman who because women (even straight ones) are more attracted to curves and have a tendency to design with curves in mind!!! So stick with the"designed by women with women in mind" suits on this site and you will look super sexy on your trip no matter what! :)

  4. Also, this site of "pinup girl" fashions celebrates the curvy girl and offers several sexy halter-top suits with control paneling inside that I am DYING to try: