Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Try This" List

Last night I ended up in tears.  Yes.  More drama.  It feels like my fear of being that lapband candidate that fails seems to be coming true.

I knew I would drop weight, but I feel like I'm starving myself  through nausea and this darn fauxmitting.

It's now been 4 days of this same thing.  So, after a good cry and a long talk with my mom I'm taking charge of my healing.

Try This List...

1.  No dairy (maybe lactose sensitive now?)
2.  No vitamins (multi vitamins make me sick...maybe children's chewable s and b12 are the same?)
3.  Liquid purée protein for more energy in the AM (purée chicken noodle soup)

I'm going to try this for the next week and see what happens...

Doc hmmm'ed about a possible gall bladder thing too.  So researching that is a must.

What else am I not thinking of???


  1. As the Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman of my family and extended family, let me take a shot at this. Feel free to disregard or roll your eyes if this comment turns into a long lecture, lol!

    What I Know:
    --The human body talks to us via pain
    --Pain or discomfort=I'm hurt
    --When the body is hurt, the best way to heal it is through nutrients. Nutrients nourish/nurture damaged tissue and help restore them to perfect health. When serious damage is present, medicines can also help, but medicines in large doses are toxic, whereas nutrients in large doses are not, so nutrients are always the safest choice.

    FACT: very little packaged food contains nutrients. Pasta, crackers, powdered drinks, yogurt, pudding, even soup broths are NOT nourishing. They've been chemically processed so that they will endure long life on a grocery store shelf, and that processing removed or killed the nutrients. Nutrients are little live creatures that die when a product (even home-canned peaches!) is processed for storage purposes.

    To heal an ailing body, then, I would buy fresh fruits, veggies, and other actual foods (no packages allowed) that contain NUTRIENTS so your body can heal. Fruits and veggies alone aren't enough to sustain you, though--since meat is too "solid," you can also add nuts (via nut butters that contain only nuts, salt, and oil, like organic peanut butter or almond butter) to your fruit smoothies.

    Also, instead of using broth cubes to make your soup (bullion is chemicals laced with a little chicken--very bad for you), stick a chicken breast (preferably organic) in the crock pot with some diced vegetables and herb seasonings like basil or sea salt (don't use the aromat, which is full of the chemical MSG). Let it simmer all day in the crockpot, then strain it.

    If you need veggie soup, cook up fresh veggies with some herbs & drizzle of olive oil in the oven until veggies are tender, then puree them in your blender with a little water. This is the soup that will nourish you and it tastes great--any soup from a can is loaded with preservatives and chemicals that will damage your already struggling tissues, thereby leaving them unable to repair themselves.

    You would be a great candidate for a juicer, too--juicers remove the husks from fruits and vegetables so that you get a straight shot of nutrients to your body even faster . . . be sure to get a masticating juicer, which doesn't damage the nutrients the way centrifugal juicers do.

    In the meantime, you can also puree fruits in your blender with coconut milk and honey, but NO yogurt--store bought yogurt is loaded with chemicals and no nutrients, so it will also inhibit the healing process.

    Also, when you need to quench your thirst, reach for coconut water (without any added sugars or fruits--100% coconut water only) which has strong healing properties. And NEVER drink Crystal Light, which is 100% chemicals (there is absolutely NO food anywhere in any Chrystal Light product--shudder).

    I'll post some recipes for you in a sec. In the meantime, remember:

    Anything that comes in a package is not food. While waiting oin your doctor to come up with a medical solution, try just buying actual fruits and vegetables, then finding creative ways to liquify them. I'm guessing your body will be able to heal itself (as long as the bad isn't slipping or anything) just fine; I find that my ailments typically right themselves once I give my body the nutrients it needs to self-repair!

    P.S. I cured my own gallbladder issues by eating beets. Beets are SO strong a medicine that it only takes about a teaspoon of shredded beet to alleviate gallbladder pain. Pickled beets also contain vinegar, which has medicinal properties, so if you can find some pickled beets, that would be helpful, but fresh beets (a small cube) in the blender with some honey and orange juice is the fastest way to harness the healing power of that amazing vegetable (is also the tastiest way, since I think they taste NASTY!)

  2. Here's a hearty-looking artichoke bisque that you can make in the blender--it calls for macadamia nuts, too, so it will be thick and hearty. Macadamia nuts are like cream cheese when they are blended (but without the damaging dairy hormones that cream cheese has!)

    Here's a hearty avocado soup you can make in your blender--it, too, calls for only fresh, raw ingredients that will help you heal faster:

    Some more blender soup recipes:

  3. Here are the easiest, healthiest fruit smoothie recipes for a beginner: