Sunday, May 19, 2013

100 pounds in a year?

I've been thinking about the future.  Usually that means I'm thinking about cold beverages and a lounging on the beach...or jetting off to Italy for a few weeks...that's how I picture my golden years going.  ha ha ha...

But, this time around I've mostly been thinking about how this weight  loss process is going to work for me.  From what I've heard and read...I am supposed to lose approximately 2 pounds/week with the lapband being a tool while I have to make good decisions about my eating habits.

So, I'm trying to gauge what my success is going to look like.  I have no reference point past about 220 pounds.  That's the lowest I've been in a decade.  Gaah! 

Did I really just say a DECADE? 

So, I set some goals for myself to keep myself on track.  They are pushing me a little harder than what the projections they tell us are supposed to be, but that's kind of the point of goals right?  Give yourself something to shoot for...stretch your abilities?

So here is what I'd like to see happen...

Goal 1 - Lose 25 pounds by June 9, 2013.  That is my son's first birthday.  I've lost approximately 20 right that gives me another THREE weeks to lose 5 pounds.  I think that's very doable.  Plus...if my scale is any indication...I may have gained back a pound or two this week.  Again...this eating thing is putting my body in a bit of a conundrum...its been used to starving.  This would leave me at 236.4 pounds.

Goal 2 - Lose 50 pounds by August 23, 2013.  That is my 40th birthday!  I would be skinnier than I've been since age 30.  (That's the decade I'm talking about...)  That would put me at 211.4 pounds

Goal 3 - Lose 75 pounds by November 13, 2013.  This is my daughter's 5th birthday.  Its also a week before I will see my husband for the first time in 9 months.  He is taking leave the last two weeks of losing 75 pounds will probably make him walk past me because hopefully I'll be totally unrecognizable to him.  ha ha ha.  75 pounds lost will put me at 186.4 pounds.

Goal 4 - Lose 100 pounds by February 18, 2014.  This is my 8th wedding anniversary and also marks the one year mark of my husband's deployment.  So, it also marks an approximate date for his return home.  I also tried to take into consideration the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and the turkey and treats that will be bountiful and plentiful during this time.  100 pounds will put my weight at 161.4.

The nutritionist I've been working with said that the ultimate goal is to get my BMI into the normal range.  For my height 5'2" that means 135 pounds.  Is it just me or does that seem absolutely a ridiculously small amount to weigh? 


  1. It is too small. 160 is the skinniest I've ever been in my adult life and that was too skinny for this curvy girl. Isn't it fun to think about?

  2. Hey, my girlfriend who is 5'9" looks SUPER thin at 170 and can wear a size six jean, but at 170, my 5'2" frame looks super chunky and fat and I wear a size 16 jean. It is all about your height and how your body carried weight.

    I can't get into single digit jeans at this height until I get down to about 130, and you are my height or shorter, right? So 135 would look fab on you!!!