Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doc says fine!

Public Service Announcement!  No fauxmitting for 5 days!  It's a record!

Doc says no problem with vitamins and dairy going adios...he also said, "wow!  15 pounds already?!"  Apparently thats big numbers in his experience.  Go me!  Of course then he said, "but weight loss via starvation and vomiting isn't exactly what we want."  

Pop!  My bubble burst....ego deflated...back to reality.  So I guess now it's the real test.  I can eat food. In a few days I can exercise.  Now will I STILL lose weight this week?

He checked my incisions and says they are healing really well.  Wanna see?


Much better looking than the last photo.  The scabbing is almost gone...just a thin red line.  Yay for good surgeons!

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  1. Hey, those incisions are looking much better now--awesome!

    By the way, don't stress too much about the exercise--weight loss and fitness experts alla agree that weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise, so a stroll with the kids each day will be fine for now while you focus on eating issues. Don't sweat it (literally, lol!)