Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I ate a cheese stick!

I ate a cheese stick tonight.  I wasn't supposed to.  I'm supposed to be on a total liquid diet right now, but they allow cream soups and I just needed  wanted some other kind of sustenance.  I know someone who chowed on a ceasar salad at week one so it can't possibly hurt me THAT bad, right?

So anyway...i took great care to try and make it liquid...I chewed tiny pieces of that cheese stick up into the mushiest it could possibly get.

It was so good.

I was tired of soup.

I think I'll want to remember what I was eating clear back here at the start of my journey.  I mean I'm  really limited in my options...protein drinks, jello, pudding or popscicles (sugar free) and creamed soups with NO chunks.  so, here is a sampling of my diet...even if this is a little atypical because of my bout of dry heaves...

Today was a BIG food day for me...maybe because I ate nothing the last 2days?

Today's food:
1c. Carnation instant BF no sugar w/skim milk
1/4c. Butternut squash soup
2TBS sugar free pudding chocolate
1sugar free Popsicle
1string cheese

Yesterday's food:
1/8c. Carnation instant BF no sugar w/skim milk
1 sugar free Popsicle

Day before that:
1c. Carnation instant BF no sugar w/skim milk
3TBS butternut squash soup

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  1. This looks good; I'd skip the Carnation and make your own shake out of chocolate whey protein and fruits/veggies if I were you, as Carnation is one of the "offenders" in the "passing chemicals off as food" departments, but I learned from one healthy eating book that as long as we are ingesting natural "whole" foods, the nutrients in those foods have the power to wipe out the poisons that enter our system via processed foods, so as long as you ahve more butternut squash coming in than Carnation, your blood sugar will do fine, as the squash can defeat Carnation's chemicals. Another scary chemical that messes up blood sugar: fake chemical sugars like aspartame, sucralose, and splenda. They trick the brain into thinking you've eaten sugar, so your blood sugar will still spike when you have them.

    Honey, agave, and stevia don't do this to the brain, though, so try getting sugar free foods that use those instead.

    Oh, but can I just TELL you how inspiring your portion sizes are??? That is my biggest problem--I make healthy meals, but eat TEN servings of them (ugh) which is where I struggle most. I love reading your itty bitty portion sizes--this is where I'm aiming to go! :)