Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oh miserable gas!

That stomach gas that keeps plaguing me came back last night.  That's 4times in two weeks making it every 3-4 days this dry heaving up air bubbles occurs.  This time it hit me while DRIVING!  On the freeway!  With my kids in the car.

I will never forget my 4 year old saying from the backseat, "oh mama!  Your tummy is hurting again!    Just throw up in that glass!" As we speed along at 70 mph.  It happened too fast to even pull over.

And while I'm not really throwing anything up the pain is overwhelming.  I'm going back to see the doctor on Friday to have him check some things out.  He said two things...

1.  This is not something that is caused because the band is in wrong or because its slipped or that there is something wrong in my abdomen.
2.  This is not normal behavior and he may want to do extra testing.

As usual, I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine.  I really want to figure this out.  I think I've said it before, but this cannot be my norm.

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  1. oh shoot! Wish I was closer so I could take your babies while you go get tests run and sort it all out! Thank heavens for the nanny. I'm so glad the doc is wanting to look into this--so strange to have this much air-vomit after so much time has passed since the surgery!