Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The plan...

Even though I knew before I did this surgery that the band would not be a magic pill for weight loss...I DID think it would be more restrictive from the start and I thought restriction would happen much quicker than it did.  My first band fill isn't until June 7th which means I can't count on that as my primary weight loss tool right now.

So...I've got to come up with a plan to get my body losing pounds on its own to meet those goals I just made.  I was going to do weekly weigh ins, but I've decided that my next weigh in will be on June 9th or it might be sooner than that if I hit my 25 pound goal early.

And that brings me to the thing that I try to avoid at all costs...or at least used to avoid...and now I'm going to ease into it and make it a lifelong habit. (That's my attempt at making it true through the power of positive thinking.)


I know the suspense was killing you.

So...my plan...

1.  C25K.  I'm going to finally do it...from start to finish.  But, I'm modifying it to start.  I'm going to do each week twice before I move on to the next step.  I want to make sure I'm ready...I don't want  to push my body too hard or I'll quit...and I want to learn to love running.  And then I'm going to buy a tshirt that says "running sucks" when I run my first 5K.

2.  Hula hoop.  Yup.  You read that right.  Hip action...ab workout...core workout...and did I mention hip action?  I have learned that hoops from a store are both too small and too light for an adult to hula in.  So I'm going to make my own.  I found a tutorial here on how to make a hula hoop out of irrigation pipe stuff.  Cheap and easy.  I can't wait!

So that's the plan...and in the spirit of the power of positive thinking...it WILL work.

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  1. Actually, I think you are on the right track with that hula-hoop idea. I've noticed that girls into latin dance and other hip-shaking activities all tend to have tiny waists and a voluptuous booty . . . maybe all that hip-shaking sends the fat where we want it (from the waist to the derriere)?

    Great idea! :)