Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fat Tuesday Weigh in and the Bokwa Fitness Craze...

Exactly FOURTY POUNDS LOST!  Woohoo!

I had set a goal of 50 pounds by my 40th birthday....thats happening this Friday.  I don't think I'm going to drop another 10 pounds in the next 4 days so I've revised my goal.

The lowest I've recorded my weight in the past 10 years is 221ish pounds.  It was just after my first pregnancy.  My new goal is to make it or pass that number.  Thats about 3 pounds.  It will be an awesome gift to myself for my 40th birthday. 


Heard of it?  Me either until this morning.  I showed up for my normal Tuesday morning Zumba class and there was a sign posted that instead we were getting an exciting opportunity to try out Bokwa...the newest and coolest fitness craze.


So the basic idea is that you are drawing letters with your feet...doing exercises that create an L or a C or other letters.

Pros...you are constantly moving.  There is no stopping between songs or anything like that.  It was a pretty good workout for that reason.  The music was good tempo music and the steps were pretty easy to pick up and learn.

Cons...it reminded me personally of the old 80's aerobic's classes...but I'm not sure if that was the moves or just my teacher, who if she'd been wearing on of those old thong leotards could totally pull it off...

It wasn't very high intensity...it was a pretty steady intensity through the whole thing...no real ups and downs that were noticed by me.

Not enough arm workout along with the legs. 

I'm really hoping they aren't going to cut my zumba classes and offer this instead.  I'll be supremely bummed.  I went the extra mile and left a comment card about the class...essentially saying the pros/cons that I noticed about the course. 

If you get a chance to try it you should...it would be a GREAT class for beginners just wanting to get moving...and I do see how you can jazz it up to make it more challenging, but what can I say?

I'm addicted to my zumba.


  1. This makes me soooooo happy! You can do it! My goal is 41 by my 41st which is September 14th.

  2. Thanks for your comments lately. I laughed at your boob comment. You Are doing awesome and i hope that you're class is back to normal. I'm hoping to join a gym this fall for weight training bc i need to start firming up

  3. YAY YAY YAY!! I can't wait to be a 220 -er! It seems so far away!

  4. thanks for sharing, had never heard of bokwa