Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fill in the dark...

It was a dark and stormy afternoon as she arrived at the hospital.  The unsuspecting girl checked in for her appointment as usual.  She carried her sweating water bottle of ice cold water and was humming a Pitbull song to herself...Fuego, to be exact. 

They called her back into the office and took her vitals.  It seemed like all was well.  Lowest blood pressure in years.  She smiled at the thought that her health was improving because of all this good food and copious amounts of exercise she was doing.

Then they take her back into the procedure room.  The tray is not yet set up with all the goodies required for a fill.  They apologize and tell her that it wasn't noted on her appointment that she was supposed to have a fill..just that it was a follow-up.  She watches as they prep the needles.  All gigantic huge inches of them...

But having done this before she's not too worried.

They finish and tell her to sit tight because the doctor would be coming soon.

She waits.

Then suddenly the lights flash then go out. 


Complete darkness.

She fumbles toward the door and as she opens it a hand reaches in and touches her arm. 

She shrieks loudly...

Then the emergency lights come on and the bariatric nurse is doubled over in hysterical laughter.

Yup.  Fill #3.

Lights went out...they never did come back on in the procedure rooms...but they did have one room lit with the emergency generator and doc said although it wasn't kosher because the room was supposed to only be used for a certain thing...he was going to do the fill in there anyway...

The funniest part (other than me screaming when the nurse touched my arm) was that the exam table didn't have electricity to be raised so doc gave me a fill on a table that was about as high as his knees.

5cc's in this band now....such an adventure.


  1. First off, Fuego is my JAM!

    That's exactly how much I have in my band since Wednesday and I can tell a huge difference. I absolutely love the way you write! I was laughing out loud as I read this! :)

  2. Oh what a cute story... So glad he gave you a fill anyways :)

  3. This is pretty funny... glad it worked out and you didn't have to go back in!