Wednesday, August 7, 2013


When I was in college I decided to learn how to latin dance.  I LOVED it.  Every Friday night I would go out to a local club and shake my hips and let all these luscious rico suave latin men guide me around the dance floor. 

I learned quickly that all I really had to do was know how to shake the hips and follow.  Those expert dancers would samba and salsa me around the room and I had the time of my life.

Until *that one guy.*  You know...the one who fell in love with me...mad passionate latin love that is a hot flame, but burns out really quickly.  I'd managed to thwart any and all other attempts, but this guy was persistent.  I'd arrive to dance and he would monopolize my entire night on the dance floor...refuse others who wanted to cut in, threaten other was turning into a dancing Jerry Springer episode.

So I broke his heart and told him I couldn't see him anymore.  Its actually quite comical that we only saw each other for 5 hours of latin dancing on each Friday night to start with, but what I meant is that I wouldn't DANCE with him anymore. 

So he asked for one last dance...I agreed...he whirled me away in a hot beat of dancing and at the end dipped me and LICKED MY FACE.

No...I'm not kidding you.  He licked me from chin to forehead then shouted at the top of his lungs, "SHE WILL ONLY BE MINE."

And that ended my Friday night latin dancing excursions...

But I believe that latin beat stayed in my heart...and occasionally I'd hear a little something and shake those hips a little...

And THEN...about a month ago I discovered Zumba.


Yes, I know its been around for quite awhile, but I'd never actually taken a class.  I'd never even watched one of those infomercials that they have on tv when these things first come out and people get excited about it.  So it wasn't until I actually went to a zumba class that I realized exactly what I'd been missing.

Little known fact.  I was voted "MOST LIKELY TO DANCE AT RANDOM MOMENTS" at my last family reunion.  Its a title I hold dear to my heart and that I am very proud of.

And its true.

And Zumba...zumba zumba zumba is that sweet nectar of exercise that speaks directly to my inner dancing diva.  I'm here to confess that I've become a little obsessed with it.  I will go to zumba as often as I can. 

I started out 8 weeks ago attending Zumba on Tues/Thurs mornings for an hour.  Then I added in Monday/Wednesday evenings.  I just started up a Saturday class...

And today I found a new Zumba class they are doing at our local roller skating rink where I can take the kids and they can run and play while I Zumba.

Its a match made in heaven.

So my current exercise schedule is:

10-11:00AM - Zumba
5:45-6:45PM - Zumba

6:30AM - C25K (30 min)
9-10AM - Zumba

10-11:00AM - Zumba
5:45-6:45PM - Zumba

6:30AM - C25K (30 min)
9-10AM - Zumba

6:30AM - C25K (30 min)

10-12:30 - Zumba


What do you think?  8.5 hours/week of zumba too much? 

I'm telling all of you out there reading this...don't worry about the moves...the coordination...people laughing or anything like that...the Zumba nation (yes, I said nation) will accept you despite your uncoordinated flailing and flinging of body parts...and eventually you will figure out the routine and...


This blogvertisement is way better than an informercial right?

And I can honestly tell you that I have not ever...not one time...been licked at a Zumba class.  Thats enough to keep me coming back.


  1. Oh my gosh! That is CRAZY! The licking, I mean. Not the 8.5 hours of Zumba. I say if there is something you love doing that much, DO IT! You are going to burn an amazing amount of calories. :)

    1. Julie...I can fill a book with the weird men in my life. ;). Thanks for the push. You are right, of course...just DO IT!

  2. I was seriously on the floor laughing as I read about your Latin loverman--HYSTERICAL!

    But the Zumba thing . . . I don't get it. I bought the $60 DVD set (the one on the informercial) and watched the slow-mo "moves for dummies" DVD that breaks it all down, and I *still* couldn't get the moves. And I took dance for ten years and was a former cheerleader! Grrr. But maybe the live classes have better instruction? Better moves? Hm . . . given this fab testimonial, I might just pop in to my local gym and find out! :)

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Dude...I tried that set too and it gives you the basics, but is nothing like the live version. Try it out at the gym. I can totally see your hottie self shaking it Zumba style...and loving it.

  3. Zumba on my chickadee!! I'm looking for a class near me that fits with my schedule... If there's one thing this body of mine can do, it's shake! Lol

    1. ha ha! Ain't that the truth..! I hope you find a good class...its so much fun!!