Thursday, August 29, 2013

Astrologically speaking...

I was born on the cusp of the Leo/Virgo star sign.  And I just had a birthday.  I turned 40...eeeek!  A huge milestone birthday spent sopping up baby puke...but thats neither here nor there...the whole point is that I wanted to talk about my star sign.

Part of my Leo-Virgo horoscope reads this:

"Decisive and direct, Leo-Virgo is sure they will succeed. They can exaggerate or overreact sometimes, but they are positive for the most part. They have a natural stubborn streak that prevents them from giving up on a hard task. They are cheerful and warm-hearted. They can be very selective and discriminating when needed. They make excellent students, and make sensible business decisions."

I'd really like to think that above paragraph is true about me.  I'm not a new age junky...I don't believe the stars determine my behavior or have mapped out a path for me.  I don't burn incense, but I do like scented candles.  Not that new age junkies all burn incense, but all the ones that I know burn incense...and just to back up my position a little I hail from Oregon originally and while its a great big generalization...that essentially means I know a LOT of new age junkies...or wannabes or have been hippies. 

And I adore their no offense to any new age junkies reading this blog...

And whether I believe it or not...when I read the description of a person born on the Leo-Virgo cusp it is pretty much a description of me...or of what I perceive myself to be like.

And because this past week has really turned into me spending a lot of reflective time about what I'm doing, where I'm going, and how I'm going to get there...It has been interesting to break these things down and apply them to what I want out of life.  And in particular what I want out of life with the lapband. 

So, ultimately...what do I want?  I WANT TO BE HEALTHY. 

And my hororscope reads it will be true because...

I am sure I will succeed.

I am positive cheerful and warmhearted.

I am stubborn and discriminating.

I make excellent decisions.

The end.


  1. i hope you had a great birthday, girl!

  2. Yea for 40th birthdays! 40 was somehow easier for me than 30. I'll be 41 on September 14th. Welcome to the other side! :)