Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's not optional.

My whole life dieting has been optional.  Eating right?  Optional.  Exercise?  Optional.  Weight loss? Optional.

It's not optional.  Not anymore.  Type 2 diabetes makes this journey no longer optional.  I have talked to a few people who think that this is just about not eating sugary foods...they couldn't be more WRONG.

My youngest sister was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 4 years old.  Way back in the 80's when they didn't have some of the improved testing and insulin equipment they have now.  I grew up watching her cry and hide when it was time for her insulin shots...I've watched her have extended hospital stays after her baby's births because of the complications her diabetes causes...this is all because her body is impaired in being able to make insulin....

Me...I did this to myself.  I hate saying that, but its true.  I went YEARS of feeling like my health was optional.  I could eat big deal...I can do big deal...I don't need to big deal.  Well, its now a big deal.  I'm having to have serious talks with myself these days to remind myself and educate myself on what I have to lose if I make things optional.

My eye sight.

My feet.

My hearing.

My sense of touch through nerve damage.

My brain.

My life.

This isn't a scare tactic.  My uncle in law just passed from a stroke attributed to type 2 diabetes.  This was after he had both feet amputated.  I've seen first hand how this disease will kill if left unmanaged.  And he wasn't overweight either...this was just pure lack of thinking taking care of his health was optional.

I needed this reminder this weekend.  Weekends make me want EVERYTHING to be optional.  But I really worked at making sure I stayed in line.  I didn't always succeed...I ate too much dark chocolate and I didn't exercise today, but I also did a 90 minute zumba class on Saturday and made sure my meals were protein vegetable oriented.

I know its a process...I won't be perfect right away...but when or if you hear me complain...please remind me about how this is no longer optional.


  1. wow... such a wonderful post. You are strong and you can do this :)

  2. Why do weekends have to be so hard?!?! Great post and I have total faith that you're totally going to kick this thing!

    1. Its true...weekends derail me. Its killing me. I need to get a better game plan...I'm just not sure exactly what that is going to be...