Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh my aching...

I am S.O.R.E. 

Word to the wise...Do NOT sit on your butt for 2.5 weeks doing nothing but eating treats and then expect to jump right back into Zumba and exercise without serious consequences like:

1.  inability to walk
2.  inability to stand without groaning
3.  ouchy feet
4.  achy back
5.  a server case of complainitis....

I zumba'ed again this morning and feel wiped out.  Like I need a nap that lasts a week kind of wiped out.

Too bad I'm working this afternoon...and have two kids that require my attention...and have to go to hip hop dance class...yeah...its one of those days I just want my bed, my PJs and thats all I need.

Have I mentioned lately that my hubby gets home from deployment in about A MONTH???  I was going to join a crossfit bootcamp...but then I realized that if zumba is going to kick my hubby coming home and all the work that goes along with that...I probably shouldn't throw a committment like that bootcamp in there without realizing I'll be overextending myself.

Its one of the best things that the lapband has helped me understand....sometimes you just have to put YOU first.

Plus, I'm fairly certain I want to be able to run and throw my arms around him when he gets off that plane and that bootcamp will make it so that I can barely move my feet and I doubt my arms would lift.

Just going to have to wait until a better time...


  1. yay.. glad you got back to Zumba.. I did it last night.. I think though I will go back to the class for beginers bc the one last night was way to complicated for me to the point the instructor knew I was lost the whole oh well.. Keep at it girl!

  2. Wise move. I will admit that CrossFit scare the bejeezus out of me anyway. There are all these super young teachers at my school who are into it bigtime, and when they talk about it, it just sounds CRAZY!

  3. I agree. Keep up with the exercise, but don't overbook, as you need that time with him when he comes home.