Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tags still on...

I know I'm not the only one who has a little pile of clothes they bought intending to "lose the weight this time" and that dress/skirt/shirt/pants/etc was the inspiration and motivation to do it this time around.....

C'mon...fess up to all those clothes with the TAGS STILL ON.

So, I've been sorting through my pile....which is much larger than I'd like to admit.  Shirts, pants, pajamas, dresses...I even have UNDERWEAR in there that I thought I'd wear when I finally lost that gut.  *sigh*

On a side note....that stubborn gut is going to be the last thing to go in my's the bain of my weight loss and the thing that keeps me honest about what I'm doing and why....

On a second side note...I'm really kind of bummed all the cute bras that I've stashed away for someday don't fit at all.  It's interesting to see how the weight loss has changed body proportions.

Anywho...I find a sundress I bought from Old Navy at least 10 years ago...size 14/16...It's hanging in my closet with the tags still on and I've never been able to fit into it...

The very idea that I carted this $20 sundress around for the last 10 years just makes me shake my head....but I did and now I'm kind of glad because I freakin' FIT INTO THE DRESS.  In fact, it's 28 degrees outside and I'm sporting an old navy sundress.

It's cute, right?  Haha...I'm totally wearing it today with boots/tights and a sweater.  

Small "get the mail" break.  And I've changed my clothes because even with boots, tights and a sweater I about froze my tushy off....and while I'd like my tushy smaller, frozen off is less desirable.  


  1. aww CONGRATS GIRL! Thats awesome

  2. I just found a designer skirt I bought in Florida three years ago while on vacation there...tags still on...and it now fits! (Unfortunately, it doesn't work in winter and will be too big by the time summer rolls around.)
    Make sure you try all those clothes stocked away...I missed a gorgeous linen suit I had purchased years ago for "when I lost weight" and skipped by the opportunity to wear it. I had put it away and forgotten about it; by the time I remembered and tried it on, it was way too big and not worth altering....

    I'm just waiting for a garage sale moment when I can sell off all my larger sizes...I've got nice stuff and don't want to just give it away.

    Well done on getting into that Old Navy dress!

  3. I sooooooo relate to this situation! I've been "shopping my closet" for a while now and it is so much fun. I cannot WAIT until every item in my closet is something I absolutely love and not just "okay" because it was the only thing that fit. You are looking AMAZING. :)

  4. Woo hoo!! Totally cute and you are rocking it! Well done!