Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

I really hate it when you write out a long post then accidently delete it all by touching your laptop touchpad wrong. long New Year's Resolution post is going to be much shorter than I'd hoped, but let me sum it up with this...

My weigh in yesterday was 203.  SO. CLOSE. TO ONEDERLAND!

I'm almost there.  That makes it a full 60 pounds lost since April.  I LOVE that.  Proud of myself.  Glad I did my surgery and don't regret any of it.

My first resolution is to make my goal weight this year.  That means another 65 pounds gone in 2014.

Second resolution is to do a sprint Triathlon. 

Third resolution is to cook less with processed foods.

Fourth resolution is to blog more!  Woot!  At least 3X per week.  And I'll be getting my website up and running this year...So...look for some changes to this site....

I've got more, but these are the weight loss related goals I've got.

I'm hoping everyone is following some great advice I saw on Facebook today...

"Today is the start of a blank 365 page book.  Write a good one."


  1. congrat on a great year! best wishes for an awesome 2014

  2. Girl...I will read each and EVERY post. I love, LOVE your writing.

    I only really have one goal, and that's just to get back to the basic rules, methods, food choices, etc. that have served me so well thus far. I have no idea if this will be the year that I get to goal (150lbs) or not, but I'm damn sure gonna try. :)