Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 5 lapband...

I admit it.  I went through a night of tears and regret.  I thought I'd made the biggest mistake ever.  I felt sick to my stomach and couldn't breathe very well.  I was in pain.  I was tired.  I was miserable.

But I made it through that night...and then the next and now I'm at day 5.

Here is my opinion...The worst part of lapband so far is the gas that was in my stomach. So terribly painful. Terrible. Did I mention the pain? I actually threw up air bubbles. Thats how bad it was. Now that I'm a few days into it the gas has dissipated and my body has started to reregulate itself better.  I know that was the aftermath of surgery and being pumped full of air...and the fact that its ultimately unrelated to having a band around my stomach makes me think I'm going to do great with the band.

Today I've had my vitamins/medicines and a carnation instant breakfast and I am wondering what the next step is.  I'm not supposed to eat anything but liquid until May 16th.  That seems like a REALLY long time away.

So, I'll keep sipping my protein shakes, my cream of chicken soup and having the occasional sugar free jello and keep my fingers crossed that the pounds start coming off and all this hard work is really worth it. 

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