Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Terrible Habit...

I fell into my SOP when it comes to dieting stuff...SOP meaning standard operating procedure...

I fell off the food tracking wagon.  I stopped paying close attention to what I was eating.  I stopped organizing out my day and my food.

Its a terrible habit I have to start something full throttle and do extremely well and then let it slide when I think I have it under control.  Because I happen to know that I DON'T have it under control.  If I did I wouldn't be getting a lap band wrapped around my stomach in THREE DAYS.

Its not that I was eating really poorly or overeating for that matter.  I just stopped thinking about it in advance and then when hunger mode hit I'd eat what was available...not always the best choice. 

For example...I ran out of greens for my my staple the last two days has been pasta instead of salad.  Thats too many carbs right there and I know it, but I didn't preplan.

I also ran out of milk...making my protein drinks hard to stomach with water = less satisfying.

These are the reasons that I fall off track and end up eating wrong for my body.  And this isn't going to be fixed by the lapband.

I do know a huge part of what is going to have to change in me is my habits.  The band will force a change in how much I can eat and even the types of things I can eat, but its not going to change my mind.  Its not going to turn a switch in my brain to start behaving differently when it comes to my habits.  I'm going to have to make changing me a priority...something I've never been able to do long term.

Now, on the plus side...I've gotten more exercise this weekend then I have in a long time.  I mowed and edged and trimmed and cut and weeded and planted and took long walks with my kids.  I got a lot done and felt accomplished...and I got a lot of exercise in to combat those carb calories and simple sugars.  So, overall I guess it wasn't a total disaster, but it can't be my norm.  It just can't.

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