Monday, April 15, 2013

Liquid Diet

Horror...yes, it was all horror stories when I heard about the pre-op diet that bariatric patients have to adhere to.  I was relieved when I read the liquid diet my doctor prescribes...and when I say liquid diet...I mean MOSTLY liquid diet.  I don't want to give anyone the wrong idea about exactly how painful this process let me just tell you what the next two weeks of my eating will look like:

Breakfast - high protein shake (150 cal)
Snack - high protein shake (150 cal)
Lunch - small lunch - low carbs and less than 400 cal
snack - high protein shake (150 cal)
Dinner - small dinner - low carbs and less than 500 cal

I'm actually only supposed to eat one meal per day at less than 900 calories, but I prefer to split it so I don't feel like I'm starving on high protein shakes...which will be getting very old very fast.  I also can eat next to nothing in the sugar realm and no caffeine or carbonation.

Unfortunately on day one I've already deviated from the schedule.

For breakfast I had a shake.
For snack I had a shake. 
Its now 3:30PM and I haven't had anything else to eat. 

I was busy working!

And now we see how I got myself into this mess to begin with.

So naturally my stomach is growling and not very happy with me for not putting something delicious in it that doesn't taste like chocolate high protein shakes.

Actually what it would prefer to have is a big old turkey and avocado sandwich...which isn't off the list of things I can eat as long as its open faced, but alas I've got no avocado in the house.

Its only day 1...and not even the end of day 1 at that.  I will master this.  I will...

Calories - 1,595     Carbs - 109     Fat - 45     Protein - 185

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