Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dry Heaves

Last night was NOT a good recovery night.  I wasn't feeling well..nauseated mostly...so I had eaten very little that day.  Around 5pm I vomited up air bubbles.  This had happened once before and I figured I was good...

I put the kids to bed and because I was feeling so sick decided to head there myself.  I laid down and immediately shot up...the feeling of having to vomit washed over me...I tried...I really tried not to, but it wouldn't stay down.

I had nothing in my stomach so I dry heaved about every 5-10 minutes from 8pm until midnight.  I finally took oxycodone at 10pm hoping it would relax my stomach and knock me out.

It might very well have been the worst night of my life thus far in terms of health.  Ugh.

Vomiting is scary for a 7 day post-op lapbander because they tell you it will rip the stitches in your stomach, cause the band to slip or break or worse.  I was so worried I had done some irreversible damage to my band...

I was too weak and tired to even think about it last night, but this morning when I got up I felt pretty good.  I did call my doctor and he said tough it out until our scheduled 1week appt...which is tomorrow!!  I can do that.  I was still too afraid to eat anything today, though...it made my tummy churn.  I managed about 3TBS of carnation instant breakfast and a Popsicle.  I also sipped a little water.

I suppose if nothing else I'll lose some weight because I'm too afraid to get those yucky dry heaves again!

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