Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Overly Eager...

So, I actually looked at a calendar today and in my excitement and zeal for this surgery to finally occur I knocked an entire week off the schedule.  Yup.  Its not LAST monday I was supposed to start that liquid was NEXT monday.


Honest mistake....**sheepish grin**

So, today I had less liquid and more food, but kept within my calorie limit.  It slightly increased my carbs and decreased my protein, but I still did fairly well on both as far as staying in good ranges.  So, I'm proud of myself in that aspect.

A whole week mistake. is the deal.  That overly eager attitude is really here because of all the things I'm looking forward to.

1. I want to feel good and live a long life.
2. I want to skydive and scuba dive. (both of which I've put off due to weight concerns.)
3. I want to do a sprint triathalon. (it still seems too lofty a goal to actually dream of a REAL triathalon...)
4. I want to rockclimb.  (It's physically impossible for me.)
5. I want to just pick a pretty something off a rack in a store and be able to just buy it.
6. I want to be able to move without weariness and pain
7. I want to smile and not worry about a double chin.
8. I want to go to my annual checkup and not hear the words morbidly obese and diabetes.
9. I want my children to be healthy.
10. I want to look in a mirror and not silently criticize everything I see wrong...or the reality now...I want to want to look in a mirror.  (I don't even own a full length one!)

I don't think those 10 things are too much to ask.  And I suppose if I have to wait one more week I can manage that as well. 

May 6th cannot get here fast enough!

Totals:  Calories 1448     Carbs 116     Fat 61     Protein 107


  1. ooh, this is a great list! I'm going to try making one, too.

    And your mistake in starting the shakes early turned out to be perfectly providential--I'm so glad to see this all working out so smoothly for everyone!!! :)

  2. Just starting to read your blog. I was banded on Dec 18th. I got a good giggle from your starting the preop diet too early. That's hilarious!