Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What am I most worried about...

Here is the great part about a post called, "What I am most worried about..."  In a few months I get to come back and laugh at myself at the silliness of even worrying a second about these things...

But...as I sit back and savor my frosty chocolate protein drink I can't help but feel just a little apprehensive about a couple of things...

This is my current list of things I'm just a wee bit anxious about...

1.  Anesthesia.  Yuck.  I had it once...during my c-section with baby boy and it was awful.  Awful to wake up from, awful for the continued vomiting, awful grogginess.  The stuff is just awful.  I was NOT excited to know that I'd be put under with anesthesia.

2.  Fill Needles.  They are big and scary looking.  I don't like needles in general, but big scary ones I like even less.

That thing is a MONSTER.

3.  Vomiting.  I hear its just one of those things you do often because when relearning to eat after a band you make mistakes and plus you just aren't sure what will "go down" and what won't.  But, I hate throwing up.  I hate the sensation...

4.  Lapband not working.  It might sound silly, but what if I'm the .0000whatever% that just can't do it?  Wouldn't that suck? 

Thats kind of it...when you type it all out suddenly it doesn't seem quite so scary and in fact maybe a little silly.  (except the part about the needle)

Totals:  Calories 1311     Carbs 106     Fat 38     Protein 137


  1. VERY valid fears. This will take a brand of mental toughness that I know you already possess, though, so no need to worry!

    How is the shake thing going? I didn't see the remainder of yesterday's food log . . .

    Also, is there a way I can subscribe to get your posts via email so I can see them as soon as they are live?

  2. Yes! I added an email follow link...just put your email address in and I believe you will get email alerts about posts.

    Second...I track my food on Sparkpeople so I'll add a daily tracker link after each of my totals for the day. If you want to see exactly what I've eaten today it will be there.