Sunday, July 28, 2013

10,000 pound shoes

Here is what I know...I have a pair of awesome looking red webbed Puma tennis shoes with bright blue bottoms...they look like this, in fact..

And every night they gain 9, 997 pounds. (I'm guessing at that really because I don't think normally they actually weigh 3 pounds...or maybe they do...?)

Anyhow...the point is.  Getting those things on every morning is the h.a.r.d.e.s.t. thing in the world for me.

Here's how it goes.

Me...wake up.  Scowl when dreaded shoes immediately pop into mind.

Immediately put on sports bras, tank top and spandex exercise pants and socks, but not shoes because they are downstairs by the front door.  Try not to think about them.

Take a big drink of water.

If kids are awake take care of kids and feed them breakfast - eyeing my tennis shoes waiting by the front door.

While kids are finishing breakfast give the stink eye to the shoes one more time before finally succumbing and lugging myself over to them and dragging them to the couch and putting them on my feet.

drag my shoes and kids out to the garage. 

set up kids for 30 min. of self play. (Right... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

step on treadmill...

Dreaded shoes realize I'm serious and lose 9,997 pounds immediately.

Exercise and feel AWESOME.


Question of the day...Why is it the idea of exercise is so icky, but the reality is so great? 

So my big news for the day?  8 weeks ago I could barely run 30 seconds without heaving for breath and feel like I was on death's doorstep.  Today I ran a SELF-INFLICTED TWO MILES without stopping.  I RAN the whole thing.  It took me 30 minutes and I pushed my baby in his buggy and my 4 year old hotwheeled along beside me.  She pooped out 1/2 way through and said next time she's riding in the buggy too...but I did it!  I did it!  I did it!  One more mile to add before my first 5K on September 21st.  And I'm hoping to decrease from a 15 min/mile to a 13 min/mile by my second 5K on October 13th. 

Holy Canola Oil!  I'm a runner!


  1. First off...I LOVE those shoes. I think I may even need some. :) Where did you get them?

    I am REALLY loving your blog. I find myself laughing out loud ALL the time.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog post yesterday. It IS really amazing to actually be keeping promises to myself for once. Who knew?

    You are doing SO GOOD.

    1. They are super cute shoes aren't they and the best part about them is that they are really really light. I put them on after wearing heavier crappy tennis shoes I bought for 30 bucks and it was like a whole new experience in these shoes. I got them on had a big sale a few month's back...They are called PUMA Women's BioWeb Elite Running Shoe and here is the link...

    2. P.S.S. they have purple and Orange and black and Pink ones too. Next sale I'll have 3 pairs of running shoes! :)

  2. Um, those are the cutest shoes... EVER!! Way to rock that 2 miles!! I'm proud of myself when I WALK ONE mile! I'm starting C25K and the thought of the 30 seconds of jogging several times is about as appealing as, oh, I don't know, cleaning out the toilet bowl with my tongue!! I can't wait to hear how that 5k goes for you... Keep us posted!

    1. Keep it up and you'll be running in NO TIME. Don't get me wrong...I still have to drag myself out the door...but I'm in shock at how once I get started i realize I'm enjoying myself! Just a each C25K week twice. Thats what I'm doing and its been so much easier to accomplish the run times. I tried it 2 times prior to this and pooped out at week 5 both times because it moved too fast for me.

  3. Love the shoes! I want to do a 5K, too. It's been a secret ambition of mine for awhile now. Maybe once the kids go to school I can start it up. I like the idea of doing each week twice.

    1. It's made a huge difference in ability...especially since I'm not a runner by nature.

  4. LOL those shoes are the It sounds like they give you superpowers!!

  5. WOWWEEEWOWWOW!! This is awesome news! I am super jealous!! keep it up!