Monday, July 29, 2013

Tic Tac or Tac Tic?

I am an English Major.  I tell you this because it bears relevance to this story about when hubby and I were playing Literati...(anyone remember that?  its Yahoo Game's version of the ever popular Words with Friends) but Facebook wasn't even invented at this point in my life and so we played online scrabble against each other frequently via Literati.

Now...My hubby thinks he is so much smarter than me.  And he is.  When it comes to useless trivia about who said what in a movie or which player scored a touchdown way back in 1993 at the Rose Bowl.  But, when it comes to word games he is NOT smarter than me and he hates that.  So...we are fiercly competitive and while it's never come near to causing us to say the words D.I.V.O.R.C.E.  (that was the game Phase 10...and a story for a different blog) it has caused us endless hours of fodder for needling each other when one of us makes a mistake.

What can I works for our relationship.

So...imagine our office setup...desks in an L and we are sitting with our shoulders/backs to each other...playing against each other.  We are also playing other games against a couple of other random Yahoo user players.  And one of these other random players wrote the word tactic.

Oh my everlovin' English major brain fart.

I could not for the life of me figure out what that word was.  And I should have known better, but I still opened my mouth and said OUTLOUD..."Hey...I know what a Tic Tac is...but what is a Tac Tic?"


And as soon as I said it I KNEW what I had just said...and knew I would never live this down...and then he busted up laughing.  And to this day when one of us mentions Tic Tacs...he has to bring up that story.

So...the point?  Tic Tacs are my new favorite friend.  See...I like something in my mouth at times...I may have some oral fixation issues (Freud would have a field day...) but there are times when I have in the past indulged in food simply because I wanted something in my mouth.  So I've changed to 1.9 calorie no sugar/carb/protein to speak of tic tacs in the Freshmint version.

We call them spicy Tic Tacs around here because they pack a little punch and my 4 yr old gets brave and decides she wants one every once in awhile...and then once it gets past the initial sweetness she screws her little mouth up and bears it as long as she can then runs to me with her tongue out and a little Tic Tac on it begging me to get it out!  Get it out before it burns a hole in her tongue!

What would the world be without 4 year olds?!

So just to end with a really bad play on new TACTIC to keep my mouth occupied are TIC TACS. 


But seriously...if you have that same need something in your mouth should try this.

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  1. Post more pictures! I love seeing you! Cute picture of you and husband- we are also VERY competitive to the point where I will no longer play chess with him and he will no longer play ping pong with me! I may try your tactic....