Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This is the second weekend in a row that I've over eaten and made really poor food choices.  I buy food for my husbands deployment care packages and then BAM! It's like I have no control and I dig into it...imagine a pig at a trough...that's what it feels like.

I hesitated making the whole pig anlogy because of the whole fat pig/degrading image thing...

Yup.  Still went there.

It's how I feel when I pull ridiculousness like that.  As a declared control freak the inability to be in control can be quite maddening.  I'm not sure how to fix this yet.  I've got to keep my brain in this game...gotta figure this one out....


  1. My control of others is SO much stronger than my control over myself lol! Today's a new day... Slips happen, just get back on track and away you go!!

  2. @Rose - agreed! I feel the same way. MUCH easier to control others! I want to know how the hula hoop is coming. I found myself imaginary hula-hooping while making dinner tonight and I thought of you! How is the hula hoop working out?

  3. Rose and jennifer--as a recovering control addict, myself, I'll share the words of a very wise man to me:

    "Any effort to control others only reveals one's inability to control himself."

    In other words, I'm pretty sure I am overweight *because* I am a control freak!

    That said, Anna, I'm telling you--I am convinced that this weight loss biz is more than %50 head game. Once we figure out our minds and how to strengthen our resolve and determination, we will have this overeating business BEAT. Alcoholics Anonymous is successful not because they prescribe a behavior plan, but because they make addicts take a closer look at their inner selves, so I'm betting we should make mental exercise (meditation, psychology, spirituality) a part of our daily exercise and veggie routines! :)