Saturday, July 13, 2013

Steve Miller...Band

I've got something to confess...

Some people call me a space cowboy....some call me the gangster of love...and I really love your peaches want to shake your tree...

Welcome to my all time favorite song in the world.  If you don't recognize it...its "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band.  Its a great old rockin' song and I've loved it for as long as I can remember.  Plus it was written the year I was born and its highly possible that they knew someday a girl like me would need this kind of awesomeness and secretly wrote it for me!...or maybe not, but a girl can dream, right?  And because we all know my taste in music is superb you should definitely turn the volume up after you click play on this youtube link...

So whats the point?  It certainly wasn't to tell you about my joker, smoker or toker years (which actually don't exist because I've never been a smoker or toker and I'm NOT just saying that in case my mom reads my blog.) Its to tell you that I've decided I need a personal relationship with my lapband.

And just because I know SOMEONE out there is thinking this....the answer is NO.  No....its not enough that it sits inside my gut and will be there for life.

So...first I had the most important decision to my lapband a boy or a girl.  I settled on boy.  Yep.  And he likes to play video games, take long walks on the beach and give me heartburn.

Now that I know there is a he-band in was like the clever fairy knocked me on my head and I knew immediately that he was my rock-n-roll king.  So without further ado I'd like you to meet, Steve lapband.

As a side note the only other band I love nearly as much as Steve Miller is New Kids on the Block (I love Donnie Wahlberg 4EVA!) and while I would love to call my band just didn't feel right and I'd probably daydream about the real Donnie Wahlberg way too much and totally derail my lapband progress.  But, I can splurge a little on this post, right?  So, this is me 8 months pregnant meeting them in Stuttgart, Germany.  Oh yeah. 

I'm the hottie in the black t-shirt that says, "This is what happens when you party naked."  Of course referring to my giant pregnant belly...and as a side note that girl next to me in brown totally shoved herself in MY spot next to Donnie so I had to reach around behind and give his butt just a little pinch.

(Now do you see why Steve Miller was a better choice?) 



  1. I think this is just the blog for me. Lots of laughs in here! Just what I need, weight loss with a smile.

    Come on baby, sure show you a good time...........I LOVED that song. :D

  2. Sooo funny! I've been thinking about a name for my band too. I will have to ponder it some more. I love the pic with NKOTB. You are standing next to who was my favorite. Now I can't remember his name. Jon I think. Anyway, I always liked him best because he seemed shy and not as many girls were after him, so somehow I had a chance! HA!

    1. Oh dear...Jonathan...yes. Can't remember his name! What kind of blockhead are you?! :)

  3. My bands is named donny...short for donnettes those little chocolate donuts from hostess. If i was going with the nkotb theme, i have to admit i loved me some joey mcintyre!

  4. What a perfect name!!! Steve Miller=better choice, now that Donnie W is dating Jenny McCarthy (he is *so* much classier than that--could do way better, dontcha think?).

    This post reminds me of something funny you told me years ago--about a friend you have who goes bonkers whenever Jungle Love comes on. I never met her, have no idea what her dance looks like, but now every time I hear Jungle Love I giggle a little and picture some girl going bananas!

    Love the lapBAND name, and think it terribly poetic that you named it after a rockin' BAND. Kudos!! :)