Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 Month Bandiversary!

Welcome to the party blog.  Yup today is party blog day because I'm celebrating two fantastically awesome dates today.

First...its been 3months since my lapband surgery.  Three months and I'm going strong.  Three months and I'm thrilled that I took that plunge...but more on that later.

Second...its been 6 months since my hubby deployed.  Yup.  We are half way through another year deployment and there is nothing sweeter than tomorrow knowing we are on the way back down when counting the days.

So...are you dying to know how my Fat Tuesday weigh in went?

I'll give you a hint...  I'm very happy. 

YES!  That's a total of 36 pounds in the last 3 months.  Average that out to 12 pounds per month.  That's 3 pounds per week.  I can't complain.  I definitely won't complain.  I'm so in love with Steve Miller...(That's Steve Miller my lapband...) for the comparison photos.  Eeeek.

Let me preface this with how incredibly hard it is to post these photos.  I want to cringe when I see them.  Its all tied up in embarrassment, shame, know the drill...BUT... for accountability and follow through I may just have to completely throw my pride and ego on the ground and stomp on it a few times to make sure I remember exactly where I don't want to be E.V.E.R. again.

I will have to admit that I kept some pride in making these black/white instead of color.  That was my only concession to my ego. 

First...full frontal.  Note...this little too small bikini was a suit that I bought years ago when I declared myself as "going to lose the weight this time around."  I found it in a "skinny box."  Its never actually been worn except for these photos.  I can't wait until its too big to be worn in these photos!

Front - 3 months - down 36 pounds...Hmmm....ok...well, if we just start at the top...the boobs are smaller (and saggier...sigh...good thing I'm not opposed to a boob job when this is all done.)  Just by comparison in looks a tad smaller?  Could just be the angle of the photo?  I definitely see a difference in the hips and the belly rolls are not as "filled out."  I'm calling that a good thing.  I can definitely tell in normal clothes that the fat is sagging.
Side - 3 months - down 36 pounds...There is definitely a change.  It may just be gravity pulling it all down...I can't really tell exactly.  But...the belly rolls look less to me...that may just be my wishful boobs are definitely smaller and my butt is sagging.  Legs look about the same...arms about the same.
Back - 3 months - down 36 pounds.  Well, lookie here....I like this comparison. its not a huge change, but its a change!  I'm even nearly missing one whole back fat roll AND you can actually see the suit strap instead of it being hidden under a roll.  That is AWESOME.  I'll take it.  Yup.  Taking it.
Did you have fun at my party?  I'm a terrible food or drink and I talked about myself the whole time.  ha ha ha.
And so ends my 3 month bandiversary.


  1. Congrats girl on the 3 months and the WL AND the 6 month mark on deployment.. been through those myself with my hubby! You are looking great you will knock his socks off when he gets back home :)

  2. Wow!! Keep it up girl! Lookin good!!!

  3. Been through multiple deployments, too! I know it must be hard to do this by yourself, but what an awesome reunion you'll have!!

  4. It's a huge change in all three pics! Hubby isn't even going to recognize you by the time his tour is over! You're doing amazingly well... Keep up the great work!!

  5. Just found your blog :) Yay...finally a TN blogger :)

    1. Hey cool! I didn't realize you were from TN when I first found your blog. This southern food is KILLING me! ;)

    2. I am practically your neighbor :)

    3. should crash a BBQ at my house sometime...(referring to your BBQ crashing story post... :) )

  6. Baby steps girlfriend :) I'm cheering you on from Tyndall, South Dakota :)

    Amy at Bohemian Burble

  7. oh WOW! Look at your sideview pic--notice how many inches of "body" extend out behind your arms in the before picture? Then in the "after" pic, your back is almost flush with your arm, so you lost some MAJOR backside, girl!

    The puffiness deflating from the boobs gives them a sexy cleavage line, which looks great, and the frontview I can see how narrow you are getting,,especially around the arms, wow!

    Nice work--you've definitely earned this transforming bod!!! :)

  8. PS--that last post was from "Eaten Little." While getting caught up on all the past posts I've missed, I got shut out of Blogger for posting to your blog too many times!!! I guess they think I'm a spammer! :(